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Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers (ANCRT) 


ANCRT -- pronounced "an cert" -- represents individuals who are dedicated to the advancement of ROMA principles and practices. 

Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers (NCRTs) are all involved in some way (at the local, state and/or federal levels) with Community Service Block Grant entities.  CSBG is the funding source that is the foundation of Community Action Agencies (CAAs) across the country.

We chose the letters and the pronounciation for our association because we see ourselves as part of the "answer" to the quesions regarding the results that are achieved as a result of CSBG funding and CAA responses to local community needs.  We provide information and support to agencies and partners who are using high quality management and accountability principles and practices (see ROMA Cycle under Services tab) to assure they are effective and efficient in their strategies to reduce poverty and support low income individuals and communities as they move toward self sufficiency.

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